Kortney M. Wilson, a native of the small town of Plains, Ga has always had customer service and client satisfaction at the forefront. As a small child, Mrs. Wilson grew up with a mother who was and who still is an entrepreneur. Kortney would always offer food and drinks to customers of her mother’s hair salon. Her mother had to encourage her to stop giving all of the household’s groceries away. As Kortney grew up, she started to assist her mother in the hair salon as a shampooer. This position brought her such satisfaction in that she was able to interact with customers and serve them in a capacity that brought them pure joy. That upbringing both prepared and equipped Mrs. Wilson to flourish in her current private home care business. This natural born trait of compassion and caring for others is one of the core values of this company and Mrs. Wilson tries to ensure that this spirit continually resonates throughout the company.

Kortney decided to steer her career path out of the direction of cosmetology and into the direction of nursing. After high school graduation, Mrs. Wilson attended Darton State College where she attained her Associate of Science degree in Nursing. After graduation and over the past 15 years, her nursing experience included intensive care unit (ICU) nursing and home health care. After experience in those two areas, she then spent a large portion of her nursing career in nursing education.

Mrs. Wilson attained her Master’s degree in nursing education after landing her first job in academia for a local technical college. At this technical college, she was a medical-surgical nursing II instructor teaching in the Licensed Practical Nursing program. Also at this same technical college after a few years, she quickly got promoted to the program chair of the practical nursing department. After teaching on the LPN level, Mrs. Wilson taught on the RN level and then as a hospital educator for a local large hospital. Throughout her career, Mrs. Wilson knew deep down inside that she wanted to be a business owner, allowing her and her staff the opportunity to impact the community in a different way.


 The initiation of this company was a product of witnessing and hearing about the unethical and inhumane treatment of clients and health care workers. With the owner having over 15 years of experience in nursing services, she thought it to be most fitting to open up a company that displayed a different set of core values and expectations.

So, you’ve navigated to the “About Us” tab on this website and you may ask “What is Compassion Comfort and Care about?” We are about providing exceptional, compassionate, competent, and respectful care and services to individuals who are unable to care for themselves with 100% independence. Positive and therapeutic communication is also a vital part of client/family interaction that we exercise as one of our core values.

In addition, we serve individuals with developmental disabilities, the elderly and physically disabled, individuals receiving behavioral health treatment and we also service veterans. Therefore, we create positive working environments for our staff. All staff is treated with dignity and respect. We are compassionate to our staff so that we can equip them with the necessary tools to go out in the community and pass that same care and compassion on to our clients and families. One motto here at Compassion, Comfort and Care is, “Compassion is contagious“.


All staff is trained and given specific instructions for each client. This is done to ensure that the staff members know how to competently care for the clients prior to their assignments. No two clients will be exactly alike, furthermore, we educate staff prior to sending to a clients’ residence. We pair individuals and staff based upon absolute best fit. We look at the personalities and skill level prior to the assignment of a staff member to an individual.